Children’s Cancer Research

We don’t show sad pictures!
We don’t use overwhelming statistics!
We don’t want to give you a guilty conscience!
We merely want to share the story of one man and his ambition to help children with cancer.

In his book “Liebe, Leid, Leben” Zabiholla Mafi tells his life story. He writes about his struggles, his achievements, his sorrows and his happiness.
His mother passed away due to cancer at an early age, leaving behind eight children. He himself was diagnosed with cancer 15 years ago and managed to fight off the illness. With his book Zabi wants to help children with cancer and encourage others to donate for children’s cancer research at St. Anna Kinderspital in Vienna.

With your donation you help the efforts in the medical field of cancer research for children. In return we send you a copy of the book “Liebe, Leid, Leben”. The book is currently available in german. The farsi version will be printed soon and an english version will hopefully also be out in the near future. Please contact us if you are interested and we will provide you with further information.


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