A meal a day

foodNutritious foods are not only essential for a child’s healthy development, but also vital for a well-functioning body and mind of adults.

A Roof and Four Walls

shelterHaving a home is of vital importance. Maintaining a safe home is a priority. Homeless people are also vulnerable to exploitation and crime.

Vaccination and First Aid

medicineThe lack of access to proper medical care is still a big issue in poor communities. Furthermore, a healthy body is essential for every aspect of life. Providing medication and skills to apply first aid locally are important.

Access and Guidance

educationA healthy mind in a healthy body. Education needs to be relevant to the local environment and available to everyone. Proper schooling is a vital factor to create the framework for an independent future.

A Clean Source

waterA local clean water source is essential for drinking, cooking, watering and cleaning. Most notably clean water is vital for the prevention of diseases, which can also lead to death.