See how our volunteers are helping!

With the help of the many volunteers who assist LIVE2LIVE, we are able to provide a variety of support:

Distribution of donations in kind

Both in Traiskirchen (outside the ‘Erstaufnahmestelle’) and in Vienna (in the various lodging facilities and shelters). In our main storage the many donations are sorted and prepared. This enables us to meet the needs of the people in a targeted manner during handouts. In Traiskirchen a free space is created with a van and with ‘Heurigen’ tables, where people can check in peace, whether the things fit and are suitable. This allows us to bring donations where they are needed most. We provide a fair and ordered distribution without causing unnecessary waste. In Vienna, the donations are organised in correspondence with a variety shelters, and delivered accordingly to the respective storage areas.

Shelter Guide

Due to various misinformation, people seeking refuge arrive in Traiskirchen with the hope to receive accommodation there. This is usually not the case (particularly due to the admission halt) and it results in helpless people (families with children) without a roof over their heads. In cooperation with ‘street work Traiskirchen’ LIFE2LIVE is able to find shelter for these people in Vienna. The people seeking refuge are informed by ‘street work’ of their situation and sent to Vienna via the ‘Lokalbahn’, where they are picked up by our team. We then guide them to a shelter location in Vienna. Additionally we ensure that they are provided with information regarding registration and/or accommodation.

Kids Artworkshop (coming soon)

With regular workshops this project helps children deal with their experiences before and during their escape. Artistic ctivities such as painting, drawing, handiwork, and the like help children process and express their thoughts. Furthermore, the regularity gives the children a footing and a certainty they have been lacking.